Since the two co-authors of this site are Jews we feel obligated to provide you, our loyal readers, with additional Jewish barbecue content.  Whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, you may well have discovered that it is difficult to find websites that provide information on NC barbecue from a Jewish perspective.  Thus, we offer you, our loyal readers who are still loyally reading, the following Jewbecue content:

Jewish Barbecue Recipes
An ever-growing list of recipes for those who share an equal commitment to honoring Jewish culinary traditions and to carrying forward NC’s barbecue culture.

Why Jews Shouldn’t Eat Pork
How did all this silliness about avoiding swine begin?  And what does the BBQ Jew think about it?  Your burning questions are answered here.

20 Responses

  1. I’m actually offended by the frase BBQ Jew
    Hitler did the same….

  2. Wow, what a warped interpretation, my anonymous friend! But you’re entitled to your opinion. Here’s mine: I’m actually offended both by your invoking Hitler and your spelling.

  3. Offense is an interesting thing. Sometimes it’s legitimate because the attack is personal, other times it’s actually sought out and looked for – some people live to be offended. Mostly it means someone’s lacking a sense of humour.

    And,in case you didn;t get it, phrase is the correct spelling.

    Are ther, btw, smoked brisket recipes on this site? Pastrami? NY style,of course, not that goyishe stuff you get everywhere else. Or are you strictly oinkische?

    Canada Mike

    aka Mordecai the Canuck

  4. @ Canada Mike, thanks for the words of wisdom. Alas, we can’t repay you with brisket and pastrami recipes. This site is indeed strictly oinkische. Not that there is anything wrong with brisket or pastrami… In fact, I had an outstanding pastrami sandwich at a deli in Montreal a few years back.

  5. As a fellow tribe member, and pork cooker, I found your site to be both amusing and informative.

    Keep up the good swine times fellas! 🙂

  6. Rib Rabbi,

    Love the blog – move to the Triangle from DC just 2 years ago. I’ll be sending your web address to all of my Chosen friends back in DC! Keep up the good work.


  7. This is too much. I am such a BBQ Jew that I even make my own home made bacon. Leave it to a Jew to make best bacon on the planet (thank you very much!). Thanks for making a great site– you’ve been added to the fave list.
    Happy New year!

  8. @Adam, wow, homemade bacon? You really are a serious BBQ Jew! Thanks for the kind words and may your new year be as full of joy as it is of treif.

  9. At least I found answer to my questions! Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.

  10. My friend and mentor Claudio Grossman says that G-d did not say “don’t eat pig,” but rather “don’t eat like a pig.”


  12. I think that pork is best done in the OVEN

  13. As a BBQ lover, a member of the the KCBS, a member of a competition BBQ team, (I’m the Gopher, dishwasher and heavy-lifter) a German-American who was born in Germany (and who was told by my mother at a very young age that if the words “Hitler” or “Nazi” ever came out of my mouth that I would get slapped so hard I’d land in the next century) who has an affinity for Jewish friends and Irish ladies, and as person who lives and works in Kansas City, I must say that I love your site after stumbling across it through a link from a BBQ story on Eatocracy. Very well done.

    Having said all that, I have a few more things to say.

    1. Pork is not best done in the oven. It’s best done smoked low and slow.

    2. I like what Micheal said about not being a pig.

    3. Homemade Bacon? Gimme some please.

    4. All of the tips you get from various authors or sites on how to spot a great BBQ restaurant do not apply while you’re in the Kansas City Metro area.

    We are fortunate to have over 100 BBQ restaurants/joints, that make all styles of BBQ, KC style, Carolina style, Texas style, etc.. and you’d be hard-pressed to find, like you do in other BBQ meccas, a joint in K.C. that only does ribs & brisket or just pork. While most joints have a pretty good selection of sandwiches, sausage, chicken, ribs, beef and pork, you will discover that not one single joint does everything, good/great.

    For ribs, you got to go to that one that joint over there, but don’t eat their brisket. For beef brisket sandwiches go there, but their ribs suck. etc… You get the idea.

    Some of the most famous/well-known Kansas City BBQ joints are for the tourists. (Believe me there are people who travel great distances just to eat Kansas City BBQ) I have eaten at all of the most well known joints in town at least once. Most of them survive on their name and the tourists that seek them out, but their time has long passed.

    Most of the best joints in Kansas City are not very well known outside of K.C. Like Woodyard’s on Merriam Lane in Kansas City, Kansas, L.C.’s off of I-435 and Eastwood Trafficway In Kansas City, Missouri or Danny’s on Southwest Boulevard on the WestSide of K.C.

    I have eaten some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had at a joint in a gas station (Oklahoma Joe’s, which btw, is not named after a guy named Joe from Oklahoma, but after a brand of BBQ smokers) and I’ve also eaten some really great BBQ in an upscale BBQ (It’s not an oxymoron) restaurant, 98% of the time I get it to go as they have a separate to-go entrance and I have their phone number in my smartphone and can call in an order for almost anything they have because I have their menu in my head and can drive over and pick it up in 15 minutes. Getting BBQ to-go is standard practice in K.C.

    I go there for their their Burnt end sandwiches, but one of their best items is their “Crown Prime Ribs” which are three Flintstone-size ribs that cost $25.99. They are as good as the name suggests.(Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ. They actually do more BBQ business mail-order, than they do at their joint. They ship country-wide)

    If you’re ever in K.C. and you’re looking for good BBQ, you’ll ask 10 people who has the best ribs or burnt ends or pulled pulled pork sandwiches, etc…You’ll probably get 10 different answers.

    The key is to either find someone you feel you can trust to point you in the right direction or ask a lot of folks, (10 is a good number) and just average it out. If 3 out of 10 folks tell you that a particular joint has good ribs, they’re probably right.

    5. The guy who posted on August 11th and used the “N” word, lost his argument and credibility as soon as he used that word, as it violate’s Godwin’s Law of internet argument/discussion protocol.

    Thanks for you being you and creating this site and letting me take up a little space on it.

    P.S. What I wrote are not concrete facts or truths, just my own opinion. Although, I do believe them to be true, especially the part about the “N” word and Godwin’s Law, even though I did use the violated words in my first paragraph to illustrate a point, not make an argument.

  14. Just wanted to say great site! Love it. Got a question for the BBQ Jews – I’m looking at getting into wood pellet grilling. I found this new Myron Mixon wood pellet grill that just came out. Does anyone have any experience grilling with wood pellets? I’ve read that the pellets are good for getting the most flavor out of the pig, but I just wondered what you guys thought.

  15. I’ve never grilled with pellets myself, but know some people who swear by it. As for me, I basically stick to charcoal with wood chunks. But to each his or her own …as long as you’re not using purely gas or electricity you’re alright in my book. thanks for the comment and good luck!

  16. My boyfriend and I, both born and raised jews, eat about 80% vegetarian at home – but when we decide to eat meat, we make sure it’s bacon.

    Maybe it’s the old adage about how forbidding something makes it even more tempting… or maybe it’s just because it’s so darn delicious… in any case, I’m glad there are others like us out there.

    A few years back, my friend’s mother dubbed me The Bacon Eating Jewish Vegetarian – and it stuck. I’ve been writing a blog about it ever since.

  17. Oh, and I forgot to add – the boy made some home-cured bacon last spring. It’s quite easy to do, just takes some patience to wait for it to be ready! You’ll need something called prog powder – and you only need a little – which seemed hard to find – but you can just go into any smoked meat shop / deli and ask. We went to a local deli and they handed us some over in a little tupperware! 🙂

  18. Love the site! Looking for a Lexington style mail order place because the NC BBQ company closed (agh!) Suggestions?

  19. Sorry to hear about the NC BBQ Company closing. I would recommend calling BBQ restaurants (Lexington #1, BBQ Center, Smiley’s?) and seeing if they’ll ship. Some will, or so I hear, if you ask.

  20. As a Gentile and a native North Carolinian, I have always wondered how Jews could resist the aroma of genuine pit-cooked NC barbecue (regardless whether we are talking about Eastern or Western style). Now I know the answer! Truly, good food knows no boundaries; and we are all brothers under the skin – crispy pork skin, that is!

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