One-Stop Shopping for Swine Swag

Desperately seeking BBQ Jew merchandise?  Look no further (trust us, there’s nowhere else to look).  The BBQ Jew Store–and we say this in as modest a way as possible–may well offer the widest selection of BBQ Jew-related merchandise in the world.  In case you do find other vendors of BBQ Jew merchandise, please remember two things: 1) let us know so we can sue them for all they’re worth (i.e., not much) and 2) accept no imitators, trust only authentic BBQ Jew merch.



A NOTE ON PRICING: We apologize that our prices can’t be lower.  Zazzle and other print-on-demand shops have fairly high base prices, so we didn’t tack on more than a couple of bucks to any of the items.  In short, rest assured your merch-buying support is much appreciated but will not be financing our next trip to Tahiti (or even Tarboro).

SPECIAL THANKS to JP Trostle, a Durham-based graphic designer who created the BBQ Jew icon and all of the images used in our store.  Please drop us a line if you want JP’s contact info.

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