Hillhock the Pig Couch

A tip of the snout to alert reader “Cracklin’s” Calhoun for sending me the link to the below photo.  Read all about this hog of a chair–your’s for just $950–right here.

Looks like hog heaven to me.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. LeSwine

My wife of eight years, Mrs. Prosciutto LeSwine, is turning ever so slightly older today. Needless to say, I have a big day planned for her, and also needless to say it will be 100% barbecue-free. (Our prenuptial agreement requires that I celebrate Mrs. LeSwine’s birthday “with neither barbecue nor swine of any form.”) At any rate, if you see Mrs. LeSwine  today tell her happy birthday and that her husband loves her even if she rarely ever reads his barbecue blog.

Merry Christmas to All and to All Some Good Meat

I have no idea where this photo originated, but it is certainly impressive. Merry Christmas everyone, including those of you who have way too much time on your hands (meat nativity scene creators and barbecue bloggers, for instance).

CoffeehousePorcupine Blows Your Mind in 114 Seconds

I’m not sure what to make of this YouTube video by “CoffeehousePorcupine” in which he slowly expounds upon his love for North Carolina barbecue, but I think I love it.  Either this guy is completely sincere or he’s a master of deadpan surrealism; regardless, the video is fairly awesome.  That said, one could quibble with CoffeehouseP’s summary of North Carolina BBQ: “The barbecue is different in different areas of the state. You have a sort of a brown sauce on the west coast, you have a red sauce on the east. I’ve tried both, I like the brown.” 

Barbecued Fox?

Barbecued fox?  Well, not really barbecued fox, but rather a local Fox affiliates’ take on “Ten Great N.C. Barbecue Restaurants.”  See Sarah Palin’s favorite Triangle area TV station’s ‘cue list here.  Top 10 lists are always suspect and always generate debate so I’ll stay out of the fray like my middle name is Switzerland (it is not in case you were wondering, it’s Djibouti).

Speaking of great restaurants, I’ll be posting more reviews soon… it has been hard finding much time to write lately but I promise to shake of the summer heat and sweat out some more original content soon.

Slipped on a Pig Peel…

A tip of the snout to alert reader Eric “Cracklins” Calhoun, who noticed this gem of an article.  To sum up the Associated Press story, a trucker driving on I-5 in Washington state “choked on some spicy pork rinds, lost control of his truck on an interstate and jackknifed it before coming to a stop in a muddy ditch.” 

If you must consume pork while driving, I find that it is much safer to eat a tender BBQ sandwich, though the dripping sauce and grease can make it difficult to grip the wheel.

Porky’s Pulpit: Shame on Food Lion

Regional grocery store giant Food Lion is based in Salisbury, NC, one of the most important (if underappreciated) barbecue towns in North Carolina due to its role as perhaps the birthplace of so-called “Lexington-style” barbecue.  Thus, one might expect that the folks at Food Lion would understand how to properly use the word “barbecue.”  One would be wrong. 

Food Lion is currently offering a promotion called “Backyard BBQ with Keith Urban.”  Does this contest offer as a grand prize a Salisbury area pig pickin’ with the New Zealand-born pseudo-country star?  No, it does not.  Rather, by purchasing a bag of Kingsford Charcoal or a bottle of (ahem, cough cough) KC Masterpiece sauce, shoppers are entered into a contest to attend a “BBQ” (i.e., a cookout) in Nashville, TN with Mr. Urban.  According to Food Lion’s website, no purchase is necessary (except for the charcoal or sauce?) to win this “intimate VIP experience.”  

I am sure Keith Urban can throw a mean cookout, but no intimate VIP experiences for me, thank you very much.  I’ll stick to pork shoulders cooked over hickory coals and flavored with some Salisbury-made dip.

iPad Barbecue: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Pixels

Here’s hoping your July 4th cookout was less pathetic than this tech geeky one.  I guess there really is an app for everything, but I think your hog-tech gadget budget would be better spent on this pork-based iPhone stylus.

Friday Fountain Fun

Check this link out, a fountain full of barbecue sauce–not the good, thin vinegar stuff we prefer here in NC (inset) but pretty darn cool anyway.  Thanks to burgeoningfoodie for telling me about it.  Oh, and since this post is only three sentences long you should have plenty of time to read the post from Wednesday about the Museum of North Carolina Barbecue.  I’m thinking maybe the museum needs a fountain… (four sentences, sorry).

The Onion on Pulled Pork

“Shaq Misses Entire Second Half with Pulled Pork Sandwich”

That’s the headline from a recent article in the satirical newspaper The Onion.  See the hilarious accompanying photo and full article here.