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Carolina BBQ Joints – Reviews and other info on BBQ joints in both NC and SC (where the ‘que has a disturbing yellow hue from the mustard) by a former North Carolinian who now lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (where the people have a disturbing yellow hue from the sun).   The site includes moderated discussion forums for those who want a safe, neutral place to debate the merits of different BBQ with complete strangers.

Carolina BarBQ Society – Started by former UNC-Chapel Hill student and recently published BBQ writer William McKinney (a co-author of Holy Smoke), the society was formed with the noble goal of learning about and eating barbecue.  Or maybe just spending student activity fees on swine.  Either way, we know neither of us had an idea this good when we were in college.  We are also not sure whether the Society lives on now that its founder has graduated. 

Holly Eats – Short descriptions of several NC BBQ joints by a Philadelphia Yankee.  The reviews–scarce as they are on description–prove a bit too concise to help decide which joints one should visit but they do include some great photos.  Also, his “grease stain” rating system made us chuckle.

Kent’s North Carolina-Style BBQ Page UPDATE: As of December 2009, this website just links to an page selling a BBQ book published by the website author. Too bad because the site used to feature thorough, informative and well organized reviews of dozens of BBQ joints.  Sure, Kent’s inclusion of Clyde Cooper’s as one of the best joints in the state and his lukewarm review of Allen & Son’s bordered on heresy.  But we cut him some slack because most of  his reviews were reasonable and he always did a great job describing the food.  This was easily the most comprehensive and best written NC BBQ review site we’ve come across.

The Lexington Collection – Surely one of the first, if not the first, NC BBQ-focused website, The Lexington Collection has not been updated in a little while (okay, since October 2001, which is nearly B.C. by online standards).  Still, it remains one of the most useful BBQ sites on the great big ol’ Interweb.  The Lexington Collection’s content runs the gamut from reviews to recipes to humor, and provides a consistently entertaining and informative look at every topic it covers.

My Hog Blog – Chef Jim Noble’s blog, which chronicles his ongoing “in depth study on Carolina BBQ as we make plans for a 20 year old dream to own and operate an authentic Carolina BBQ restaurant.”  The blog includes interesting write-ups of the joints he visits as he treks across North Carolina and–cough, cough–South Carolina too.  Good stuff!

NC Barbecue Musings – Concise reviews of dozens of BBQ joints in an easy to navigate blog format.  Includes Google map links to recommended joints, a nice touch that we have stolen been inspired by.  As always, we can point to some serious differences of opinion (notably, the tepid review of Lexington #1 and general distrust of Lexington style ‘que) but all is fair in love, war and personal taste.   Plus, not everyone is blessed with the G-d given, refined palate of the BBQ Jew.

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2 Responses

  1. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your page to keep the viewers more engaged? I just read through the whole article and it was very good but since I learn visually, I find videos to be very helpful. I enjoy what you guys are always up too. Keep up the great work. I will revisit your page on the regular for some of the latest post.

  2. Francina, we post videos when we find ones we like. We’ll consider posting more, but us BBQ Jews are wordy, I suppose. Thanks for your comments!

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