Porkaganda (Pro-Pork Propaganda)

North Carolina Pork Council – The NCPC’s mission is “to foster, enhance and improve the capabilities of all those associated with pork in North Carolina.”  This is pretty soaring rhetoric for an industry lobbying group, but since there mission would seem to include enhancing and improving us (being that we are associated with pork) we have no quarrel with them.  Well, actually, we recall the NCPC resisting efforts to help mitigate the environmental damage caused by waste from hog farms, but we’ll save that for another website.  After all, they are just doing their jobs.

The Other White Meat –  Brought to you by the good folks at the National Pork Board, this website–boasting that it is “your source for pork”– is even more ridiculous than it sounds.  The desperate attempt to bring swine into the 21st century is highlighted by the Pork’N’Friends blog.  What kind of half-wit nut job would write a pork-related blog?!  Oh yeah… uh, never mind.

Pork and Health – Educate yourself about the reasons why a heaping plate of pork is healthier than a spinach, flax seed, and tofu sandwich.  A good site to read immediately after consuming too much BBQ (again) and swearing you’ll just order the small plate next time… not that we have ever experienced this feeling.

Porkopolis – We just heard about this website and, frankly, we can’t find the words to describe it.  The site’s author describes it as follows: “Porkopolis.org is a collection of arts, literature, philosophy and other varied considerations of the pig. In the irreducible complexity of what we call nature, pigs are one of the most iconic and paradoxical animals ever to have developed a relationship with man… The pig is a grand character in much of human’s cultural history.”   Wow.  This site is really porkosophy (pork philosophy), not porkaganda.  Deep stuff.

Pork4Kids – Did you notice that this website is called Pork4Kids?  And that it features various pork-related games that can be played online?  And that it appears to be a completely sincere attempt to connect with America’s youth?  Need we say more?

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  1. […] evening.  The BBQ Cook Off benefits The Arc of Moore County, and is an officially sanctioned NC Pork Council […]

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