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61 Responses

  1. What can you tell me, a Georgia cracker goyim , about Big Ed Mitchell’s BBQ?..He is making an appearance at a BBQ event, here in Marietta..just to see what your take on the big man his-self is…thanks!


  2. Pighead, for the BBQ Jew take on Ed Mitchell, see this review

    I’d definitely go check him out, if I were you. Better yet, drop us a line to give us a report on his appearance. Send a photo of his appearance along with a report and we’ll throw in a lifetime free membership in the BBQ Jew Crew.

  3. Ever heard of Pig Candy? I heard the term on the radio this morning and when I tried to look it up all I got was a recipe for bacon coated with brown sugar and grilled. What the DJs were referring to was the cooking of pigs so that the outside gets crackling and the inside stays soft and sweet. I didn’t know there was any other way to prepare a pig…

  4. Pig Candy is a new one for me. I agree with your take on it.

  5. Check out Fuzzy’s in Madison NC (Rockingham County). Some of the best around, great onion rings. Sometime in the 60’s or 70’s, Greensboro native Barry Farber, parlayed his talk radio fame to bring Fuzzy’s to Times Square. It never really took off, however.

  6. 1st off – great site! Thanks for all you do! Secondly, I’d love to invite you, bring you into the fold, or find out whatever I have to do to get you to fall in love with us. Who are “us”…you ask? I am the inventor or the brainstorm owner of the ‘Carolina Pig Jig BBQ Cook-off competition held every year. We are the Masonic Lodge – Raleigh # 500 – located in Raleigh, NC. We have been hosting this event for the last 4 years and recentl just had our last one 2 weeks ago. This year we held it in conjunction with the NC Ag Festival – and OH WHAT A SUCCESS it was. In all honesty, we had been strugggling prior to this year to make profit….and by the way all proceeds go towards the Masonic Orphange locaed in Oxord, NC. Each year we usually average 8-12 teams…this year 23 teams and we expect to double next year. This is a closed competition for just Masonic lodges – but since we are growinf so fast – so big – we are actually considering having an ope division, Now just ’cause it’s a “closed competition” don’t think the competition is weak. So maybe next year – we could bring you in as a judge? Whats’s your thoughts on this?

  7. @ Thad, thanks for the tip, Fuzzy’s is definitely on my list!

    @ Lee, in a word, yes!

  8. I’m working with the site, which aims to provide local information and interesting facts about Durham and other cities. We’ve read a bunch of blogs about Durham and felt yours would be great to include in our Durham Blog Directory, which we created to feature awesome local blogs. Please check out the site (, and if you get a chance, we’d love to have your feedback. I’m at

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. Just by chance on our way to the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, my friend and I stopped in for some pre-hive fortification in North Wilkesboro at the Brushy Mountain Smokehouse and Creamery! What a combo. The best of pulled pork AND homemade ice cream and sorbet. I ordered a delicious and very generous meal of smoky pulled pork, BBQ slaw, fresh cut potato wedges, homemade biscuit, and fried summer squash. My friend ordered a sliced pork sandwich, slaw, and fried okra. Of course as is the Southern way, our plates were way too full to finish, but everything was scrumptious. At the front of the smokehouse was the creamery. They not only make their own ice cream and sorbet, but right in front of the customers make their own waffle cones! We ordered peach mango sorbet which was sweet, acidic, and totally refreshing on a hot summer day. Big recommendation. E. O’Meara

  10. I pulled up your website after reading about you in the W.S. Journal. It made my day. You are so informative about the good BBQ places in N.C. Also, the BBQ song brought a smile to my face. Keep on “pigin’ out”. Peggy

  11. going to asheville and it seems all the good reviews are east of winston salem. can you recommend any places in west NC?

  12. oops, not asheville but waynesville….

  13. @Shryl: Alas, despite their lush beauty, the mountains of NC are pretty much a barren wasteland when it comes to BBQ. It’s been a long time since I was last there, but I think Little Pigs in Asheville had passable BBQ. I don’t know of any joints in Waynesville itself. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but my best advice is to make sure you drive through Lexington or Salisbury on your way to the mountains–they’re only 2.5 hrs from where you are headed!

  14. I guess I’ll start off 2010 with these three entries from the same blogger in the local food blog arena. Now I noticed she also has a post about Hanukkah and don’t know if she is Jewish (and I’m spoken for) but this may make your heart skip a beat..

    See # 10 here

    Followed by

    And Lastly

  15. Also to note, the Q Shack in Carrboro is no more.

  16. burgeoningfoodie, please accept my apologies… your first 1/6 comment was sitting awaiting my approval for the past 3 weeks without me noticing. Me thinks it was the links that kept it from being posted when you submitted it, sorry about that!

  17. Tis okay and also (maybe I didn’t notice this before) but in the right greyed area of your site about where the main frame starts there is a little smiley face. Is that on purpose?

  18. burgeoningfoodie, i don’t see the smiley face. can anyone else confirm b.foodie’s hallucinations?

  19. Interestingly enough I see in my Firefox browser, but not in Internet Explorer.

  20. Guess it’s a bonus feature for Firefox users…

  21. Costco no longer carries Austin Blues pulled pork. Who else sells this great product?

  22. Nate, you’re on your own seeking out that stuff!

  23. Interesting news seen on another website. Apparently, Moore’s BBQ in New Bern, NC will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for largest BBQ Sandwich. If you go, by all means take a photo!

  24. burgeoningfoodie, I saw this funny news and plan to write about it in a few weeks to time it with July 4th. thanks for the tip!

  25. Saw this and even though it isn’t NC Style Sauce.. just the idea..

  26. I wish someone would set up a BBQ Museum. I have several hundreds of BBQ bottles that go back to some 20 years at the American Royal BBQ. Some are empty, some are full. Some have autographs and some me on their websites as having the world’s largest BBQ collection. Even have the products from the dudes from Britain. Rubs and more rubs. Framed and unframed posters. Thanks, Ev

  27. Saw this on CNN’s Eatocracy where a guy lists his Top 5 favorite food docs. Thought you’d want to check it out.

    3. “Smokestack Lightning: A Day in the Life of Barbecue” By Scott Stohler and David Bransten
    “Based on Lolis Eric Elie’s book by the same name, ‘Smokestack Lightning’ takes us on the ultimate barbecue road trip. From the barbacoa of south Texas to the whole hog barbecue of North Carolina, this film covers all the bases and at every stop it lingers long enough to give us the intimate personal stories of the men and women who tirelessly turn out great barbecue. Unlike most mainstream media attempts to boil down barbecue into simplistic regional categories, ‘Smokestack Lightning’ shows us that barbecue is as much or more about who makes it than where it’s made.”

  28. burgeoningfoodie, i have gone so far as looking up where to order the film but have not sprung for it yet… maybe you should (and then lend it to me!). sadly, it does not appear to be available on Netflix and the like.

  29. I am a BBQ lover and am planning a pig pickin for a football game this fall. Any recommendations for a guy to come to my house with a cooker ….in Chapel Hill?

  30. Chapelhilldevil, see this post, I think it’ll help:

    Happy tailgating!

  31. Thought you BBQ Jews would enjoy this! L’Shanah Tovah!

  32. Hey Porky!
    Thanks to ‘burgeoningfoodie’ I finally looked at the comments on this subject and MUST make a comment about a comment that was commented on just a few comments up.

    The book “Smokestack Lightning” is FAR from comprehensive in its nature!!! I just finished reading it and the only Q-joints that are reviewed in North Carolina are a couple in Charlotte plus a few in Lexington and that area. NO “Eastern” style, AND they even state that there truly isn’t any difference between Eastern and Lexington style Q!!!!! Once I read this statement I basically decided that they truly don’ t know the difference between good pork barbecue and a hot dog! The writer even states that they’d rather have a hot dog than barbecue!!! This book is NOT recommended by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Another_Q, take a look at my interview with Smokestack’s author at

    I doubt he’d say his book was comprehensive, and he admits to shortchanging NC in the book. That said, it still may be my favorite BBQ book because I think it captures the people and the culture of BBQ so well.

  34. I totally agree with this book capturing the people and culture! Quite eye-opening in some respects. Still, I wish he had at least reviewed some Eastern style barbecue! I went back and found the quote where it is mentioned that “there isn’t any difference between eastern and lexington style barbecue”. – Lolis was quoting someone else.

    Now I’m reading “BBQ Road Trip” by Dr. BBQ (Ray Lampe). Sure covers more road (and Q-joints) than “Smokestack Lightning”!


    Was just wondering if anyone could send me
    a recipe for eastern nc bbq boiled potatoes ?
    Enjoyed the website ! Thanks.

  36. Hi David, barbecue potatoes are an underrated dish, I love ’em. Strangely, my usual go to source for NC BBQ recipes–Holy Smoke–has no recipes for boiled potatoes. It’s a surprising omission. The web also has few easy to find recipes, which is stunning. I did find one though, and it’s a recipe that also appears in Bob Garner’s North Carolina Barbecue: Flavored by Time

  37. Are you all going to do a State Fair BBQ Round Up? How about a food round up in general as like a special edition?

  38. Hi David,
    Y’all need to review Outlaw BBQ in Matthews, N.C. or their new location in Monroe. BBQ supplier to Super Bowl 41. I hear the turkey sandwich is also great & I know the banana pudding is. Reasonable prices also,
    one BBQ sandwich has enough meat for 2 sandwiches. While in Charlotte there’s also Mac’s that I hear is pretty good.

  39. As you may have already seen.. Dillard’s is closing

  40. You really need to check out Keaton’s BBQ, a few miles east of Statesville off old US 64.

    17365 Cool Springs Road
    Cleveland, NC

    The pork is typical western NC style cue, but the BBQ chicken is out of this world (as in really good). I first heard about the place on a national radio program about road food. Finally made the trip a couple of years ago and have been back a couple more times. It’s a family secret, but I think BBQ chicken is like 95% cooked, then finished in a pan of simmering sauce. The result is a caramelized BBQ glaze that is wonderful. The road food host said it’s the best BBQ chicken in the planet and I don’t disagree.


    The place exudes what a true joint should be; a drab concrete building in the middle of nowhere (like Grady’s), signs that say “Order Here,” “Pay Here,” “Pick Up Here,” and lots more signs such as No Cursing, No Loud Talking, Shoes and Shirts Required, etc.

    Been written up in Gourmet Magazine and featured on NPR Radio.

    17365 Cool Springs Road
    Cleveland, NC

  41. Thanks, burgeoningfoodie, nice article.

  42. You should try Sweatman’s BBQ in Holly Hill, SC if you ever travel out of NC.

  43. This is one silly ass website, but it’s not why I’m writing. My cousin in Pennsyvlania considers barbecue to be nothing more than smoked meat and horror of horrors calls it “barbecues,” as in “Want to go get some barbecues?” Yes, plural, with an “s.” We may not invite her back to Lexington after hearing this affront to our national food but you guys are always welcome.

  44. I second Hank’s recommendation of Sweatman’s. That’s about as good as mustard-sauced barbecue gets. But check to make sure they’re open before you go there. We drove up from Charleston on a Wednesday and discovered they’re only open Fridays and Saturdays.

    By the way, next time you go to Lexington, check out Tarheel Q, west of town. It’s one of only four or five woodburners left, and the last time we were there we had some barbecue so good it brought tears to my eyes.

  45. Like for ya to come check out our little BBQ shack in Forest City, NC. We serve smoked butts, smoked chicken, smoked ribs & smoked beef brisket. We make our own sauces, homemade banana pudding, cobbler, sides, you name it. Real BBQ smoked over wild cherry wood & wild grape vines. Like our motto, “Nothing Fancy, Just Plain Good”, so get your car filled up, and take a road trip to Forest City, to make us a visit. Thank you for your time, Thom & Amy White

  46. Made it to Snooks BBQ, it rivals some of the top rated Q I’ve eaten in the Tarheel State. It may very surpass Allen and Son.

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  48. Fatbacks in Hope Mills, NC, just south of Fayetteville is great!

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  50. Michael, you can find them by following the link under the Merch page or direct at Thanks for your interest.

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  52. If you ever get out of NC try Syracuse,NY Dinosaur Barbq.

  53. I really enjoy your site….your articles, and reviews and humour are all very good. Over the last 39 years my work has taken me all over North Carolina and I have eaten in most of the barbecue joints that our state has to offer and I generally concur with your reviews.

    As a child I would travel with my Dad and his sales territory was eastern N.C.. I went to all the BBQ joints in eastern N.C. in the 1960’s..
    Upon graduating from college I traveled every county in the western half of the state and got thorough education on Piedmont Q.

    Anyhow. .. Great website…thanks …I am going to send you an invite to eat some wild hog that I shot in Alabama last spring. Take care.

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  55. howdy, i’ve a VERY short time in NC and have just discovered that I will be spending almost all of it in the “tomato” part of the state! i enjoy vinegar based bbq and have a car, but the furthest east i’ll be getting is probably Charlotte. I can drive further east than that, but probably not by much more than an hour or so. So: anywhere to eat that fits in that radius? and: if not, and I do end up making a longer drive and staying out that way, what’s the ONE place you would go to if you only had a short time? Also, appreciate any recs on the western side of things as well. Thank you!

  56. jaybird, sorry for my slow reply, I hope it’s not too late. Since you’ll be in the Charlotte area, I recommend Red Bridges BBQ in Shelby, or take a trip a little bit north on 1-85 to Lexington, where you’ll have many choices. Anything I list with an A grade on the Joints list will suit you fine! Happy swine dining. For more great options, visit

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