Welcome to the Oinks (links to other resources) page of the BBQ Jew website.  We hope you have fun rooting around for some scraps of knowledge.

BBQ Reviews and Ramblings
These websites include at least some emphasis on reviewing barbecue joints, but also include a wealth of other barbecue-related content.

General BBQ Information
These websites do not include reviews of barbecue joints, focusing instead on sharing other barbecue knowledge.

Porkaganda (Pro-Pork Propaganda)
These days everyone has a lobby, and the swine-industrial complex is certainly no exception when it comes to pork barrel politics.  These links include trade groups and fun promotional websites.

BBQ Festivals
Need an excuse to take the whole family on a road trip?  Perhaps arts, crafts, music and pork  are just what the family needs.

Other BBQ Resources (of the Non-Web Variety)
Remember books?  They still exist and are the best source of information on NC barbecue.  Here’s our annotated bibliography (plus info on a couple-few films too).

Other Websites Worth Visiting (Non-BBQ)
In this section of the Oinks page we shamelessly plug other websites we like without regard for whether they have a direct barbecue focus.  Actually, some of these sites do have BBQ-related content so check ’em out.

The Smoke Ring
This collection of sites is sort of the United Nations of barbecue, attempting to create understanding and awareness among all of the world’s barbecue lovers.

2 Responses

  1. Snooks and Keaton’s are worth the trip west.

  2. Hubba Bubba in Flat Rock, NC is fabulous! They also have brisket.

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