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Carpe Durham – Well-written and well-photographed reviews of Durham, NC restaurants, with a focus on places not usually frequented by restaurant reviewers (taquerias, soul food places, etc.).  A great site if you live in or near Durham, especially if you want to dine off the beaten path.  The Carpe Durham tagline is “Ramblings about food from the basement of Duke Law School by people who know nothing about food or the law.”  Well put.

VarmintBites – Another interesting, well-written food blog with a Triangle area emphasis.  Written by Dean McCord, a self-described “Raleigh-based father of 4 children (ages 8-14), who eats too much, cooks for his wife just about every day, and has an opinion on most anything,” VarmintBites features posts on all sorts of food-related subjects.  McCord has a good sense of humor and likes barbecue, so he is a-okay in our book.

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  1. Can I urge you to include the Virtual Weber Bullet Web site? It has truly taught me everything I know about Q’ing, the way Julia Child taught me about serious cooking, and my bubbe taught me how to roast a chicken. “It’s done when it’s done.” To say that the listowner takes you through things step by step is to describe everything far too hastily:


    In a crisis you’ll hear back from experts inb, leterally, moments.


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