BBQ Jew’s View: Blue Mist Bar-B-Q

3409 Highway 64 East, Asheboro, NC
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BBQ Jew’s Grade: B
Porky Says: “Lions and tigers and pigs, oh my!”

Zoo and ‘Cue
What better way to spend a summer weekend with family and friends than a trip to the North Carolina Zoo?  Sure, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.  And the admission price is sort of steep.  And it’s hotter than heck.  And the animals stink when it’s so hot. But it’s still fun, galdarnit.  Plus, the zoo is just a few minutes away from Blue Mist Bar-B-Q, and what better way to finish a day of animal viewing than eating one?

Old timers enjoying Blue Mist

Old timers enjoying Blue Mist

Get Your Kicks on Route 64
Blue Mist Bar-B-Q has been around since 1948 and occupies a fairly large Continue reading

Porky’s Pulpit: When in Rome. Or, Thank God I’m Not.

Glacier National Park in Montana

Glacier National Park in Montana

The Wild West
I recently vacationed in Montana, which you may know (if you are a geography buff or completed 3rd grade) is a long way from North Carolina.  Montana is a beautiful state, but it lacks in interesting culinary traditions.  Beef is the name of the game in Big Sky Country, and there is plenty of steak to be had.  No complaints from me on that.  However, my palate was tested mightily when spending an afternoon in Butte, Montana, a tough as cow leather town notorious for having one of the nation’s largest Superfund sites.  Butte is also known for a rich history as a mining town, and the miners who flocked to Butte in the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought their own culinary traditions to town. 

Pasty Patrol
English, Irish and other European immigrants–and their American descendants–brought the pasty (pas-tee) to Butte, and it continues to enjoy a special place in the lower intestines heart of modern day Butte residents.  Pasties are sort of a chicken pot pie but the chicken is beef and the crust of the pot pie is much thicker and totally encases the beef and vegetable filling.  I wouldn’t recommend you travel to Butte or other pasty-friendly locales just to eat one.  Still, pasties are something I can see people being proud of–they taste okay and they have a lengthy culinary pedigree. 

Marginally better than it looks

Marginally better than it looks.

Now pork nuggets are another matter…

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Oinky Independence Day

Well, folks, if this doesn’t inspire you to smoke some patriotic pork on the 4th of July, I’m afraid it’s a lost cause.

Now thats the American I know and love! (photo by ivan juan johann)

Now that's the America I know and love!

For those who would question the patriotism of swine, look no further than this storefront window. The fella here (officially a boar) is like Uncle Sam himself, on those casual days when he drops the top coat and bow tie.

I’m not sure about Petunia Pig’s outfit (or her snout, for that matter), but I love his overalls. I think if pigs had to dress themselves, they’d choose overalls. Now if I could only figure out why he’s pretending to smoke…

Happy 4th of July, y’all.

BBQ&A: Sean Wilson (aka Hogwash, The Beer with the Taste for ‘Cue)


[Note: Follow this link-Wilson BBQ&A-for an easier to read, .pdf version of the interview.]

Today’s post deals with two things near and dear to my heart (and mouth), barbecue and beer.  Several years ago Sean Wilson of Durham helped lead a well-orchestrated effort to overturn outdated laws in NC that prevented the sale of beer above 6% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Two and a half years after its early 2003 formation, the Pop the Cap group Sean ran succeeded in passing new legislation to allow the sale of beer up to 15% ABV.  This law overturned decades of conservative tradition in NC and opened up the state to a wealth of beers, including many classic American and international brews (double IPAs, various Belgian ales, and on and on).  For that, Sean and other Pop the Cappers, including the good folks at All About Beer magazine, will always have my thanks.  Having handled the NC legislature, Sean is now taking on another, even more entrenched NC tradition–sweet tea. 

Sean Wilson founded Fullsteam Brewery and set his sights on “plow-to-pint” brewing that features local flavors.  One of Fullsteam’s flagship beers is Hogwash, a brown porter made with hickory-smoked malts.  As its name implies, Hogwash is designed to wash down barbecue–its flavor is tailored to complement ‘cue.  It’s an interesting concept, so recently Sean and I sat down over a cold pint and a hot tray to talk beer and barbecue… Continue reading