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What Men Will Do for BBQ

I'm keeping this in mind for next Halloween...

Fortunate Pig

Notwithstanding that darkest of dark period in German history that Jews try in vain to forget (i.e., David Hasselhoff’s chart-topping singing career, which some call the “Hoffocaust”), the Germans do have a proud culture.  Although native Germans have no history of preparing chopped pork barbecue–at least until they emigrated to the United States and settled in Lexington, NC–they do know a thing or two about cooking pig (knockwurst anyone?). 

The Hoff making German women swoon.

Germans’ fondness for pig finds its way into their language.  The word “Glücksschwein” translates to “good fortune pig,” a symbol of good luck that has its origins in another phrase.  The German phrase “Du hast Schwein gehabt” is said when someone has had good luck.  It means, literally, “you have had pig.”  According to completely unreliable sources on the Interweb, the saying dates back to scarcer times, when having a pig to eat meant you were lucky.  What does this have to do with barbecue?  Not a heckuva lot.