Porky’s Pulpit: An Affront to My Way of Life

If there were an award for the website that is most antithetical to BBQJew.com, this one might be the winner.  After all, what could be more in conflict with the values espoused by BBQJew.com than the Christian Vegetarian Association? 

According to their website, “The Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA) is an international, non-denominational ministry of believers dedicated to respectfully promoting healthy, Christ-centered and God-honoring living among Christians.”  Their mission is threefold:

  1. To support and encourage Christian vegetarians around the world.
  2. To share with non-vegetarian Christians how a vegetarian diet can be a powerful and faith-strengthening witness to Christ’s love, compassion, and peace.
  3. To show the world that plant-based diets represent good, responsible Christian stewardship for all God’s Creation.

Hmmm, these “Christians” sound more like devil worshippers to me.  Needless to say, BBQJew.com asks all of you real Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other true believers in monotheistic (or polytheistic, pagan or animistic, we’re not picky) religions who have faith in the power of pork to make a stand against the CVA.  We urge you to take to the streets and burn some tofu (Citrus Barbeque Tofu, if you want to hit them where it hurts) to protest the CVA’s evil mission.  But don’t stay out protesting too late at night, most good barbecue places close by 8 p.m. and we’d hate for you to miss dinner.

4 Responses

  1. Hrmph! As noted in my recent blog entry (here: http://noetic-toe.livejournal.com/238770.html), at my Church we eat ‘cue — ‘cue that I make, no less. And we are severely Christian.

    There is a grave defect in the CVA’s theology. NC barbecue may be the definitive proof of God’s existence. You can’t get that from a carrot. Vegans and vegetarians miss the ontological aspects of hickory inflected swine flesh — to their own spiritual impoverishment!

  2. I’m not sure I’d go as far as “devil worshippers.” It sounds like to me just another in a long line of ascetic sects (try saying that three times!) determined to prove their virtue by denying themselves the good things in life.

    Fine by me. That just leaves more pork for me!

  3. Well put BBQ Dave and Robert, thanks for preaching the gospel!

  4. Just discovered your site after doing a search for the best ‘Q in NC. Kudos to you…

    I am an “enlightened” (pork eating) real Christian.
    Their thinking is the direct result of 1.) not eating meat and
    2.) especially not eating pork.

    I say they shouldn’t be allowed to have sects

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