Coastal ‘Cue

North Carolina’s coast is notoriously lacking in decent barbecue.  However, recently the Wilmington area greeted two new restaurants that I hope (until proven a mirage) will bring some vinegary rain to the barbecue desert that is coastal North Carolina.  Full story here in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

Dillard’s Disappearing

In case any of you were praying for a resurrection of Dillard’s restaurant in Durham, it looks like God Himself couldn’t bring them back now (after all, even He can’t compete with a gas station).

The beloved, albeit well past its prime, restaurant closed early last year but some of us might have hoped it would return in some form or another.  That appears all but impossible now, as the property has been sold to gas station/convenience store company M.M. Fowler.  Read about the property’s sale, including some heart warming quotes from the family, in the Herald-Sun.  I’m glad that the Dillard family was able to close on its own terms, something not many restarateurs have the privilege of doing.

Barbecue Cures Cancer

On October 18th, you can help support the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the fight against cancer by stuffing your face with pork.  Sounds fun, right?  Learn more at