The Best Sandwich in NC

Surely everyone agrees that there is no better sandwich in North Carolina than a barbecue sandwich. Wait, what?  Not everyone agrees?  Well, I guess not…

131104_bi_sandwichmapWe Tarheels can at least take solace, as we often do on a number of subjects, that we are not from South Carolina, where apparently the best sandwich is a tuna melt.

2 Responses

  1. This map is fraudulent. Born and lived in MO for 25 years– have never had (much less heard of) an open faced gerber sandwich (wait, what?). Lived in IL for 5 years.. never ate a horseshoe. Have lived in NC since 2001 and have no idea where I’d get a Carolina chili burger.

  2. WV Apple and Peanut Butter??? Should be the Pepperoni Roll. . .(grin)

    Florida and the Cuban, I understand. But WV and Apple and Peanut Butter?

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