The Great NC BBQ Map

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHot off the presses is the locally grown, soon-to-be nationally known Great NC BBQ Map. I ordered my copy today and look forward to it soon taking its rightful place in my car’s glove box. Frankly, if this map had existed a few year’s ago, I would have never bothered with this website, as the website’s origin traces back to a similar idea that good ol’ Porky LeSwine was too lazy and untalented to execute!

I should add that it’s particularly good to see entrepreneurs from NC take on the barbecue map challenge, given our mustard- and hash-loving neighbors to the south put the weight of their state government behind such mapping.

With over 400 restaurants, it seems the Great NC BBQ Map map will cover most of the state’s outstanding barbecue places and a whole lot of other ones too.  Porky LeSwine will probably make a lot of margin notes on his map to keep from getting tempted to detour toward too many generic gassers.

For more details about the Great NC BBQ Map or to order online, visit