Porky’s Pulpit: Worst BBQ Graphic Ever?

I recently visited Blue Mist Bar-B-Q and, though I enjoyed my meal, I can’t help but point out the absolutely abysmal logo featured on their menu.  I have seen a lot of barbecue joint logos over the years, and this is hooves-down the worst.  The tuxedoed pig looks like it was drawn by someone without an opposable thumb (maybe it was drawn by a pig?).  Really the only indication that the logo is a picture of a pig is the curly tail poking out from the tuxedo.

Um, is that a pig?
Um, is that a pig?

Luckily, the Blue Mist sign outside the restaurant features a much improved version of the pig in a tux logo.  Oddly, the curly tail is not a part of the new and improved logo.

Now that's an improvement

Now that's an improvement

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