Barbecue Road Trip?

I truly believe North Carolina ‘cue is the finest in the country, and I know for a fact that it is the direct descendant of the original American barbecue.  Still, I remain just open-minded enough to admit that I like pretty much any meat that is slow-cooked over wood coals (that is the proper definition of barbecue, of course).  If you are like-mindedly open-minded, and might find yourself crossing beyond the NC border sometime this summer, then check out JJ Goode’s May 2008 article in Details magazine (once the page loads click anywhere on the image to be taken to a .pdf of the full article). 

I know, I know, Details is not exactly the magazine you’d expect to be ground zero for barbecue writing.  However,  Goode’s article provides what appear to be solid recommendations for barbecue joints across the U.S. (Skylight Inn and Lexington #1 are called out for NC), along with some mouth-wateringly terrific photos.  Bon voyage and bon appetit!  But for (Texas) Pete’s sake, make sure you wipe that thick tomato-based sauce off your chin before you return to NC…

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