The BBQ Song

On the off chance that you–a person who is voluntarily (I hope) reading a blog about barbecue–have yet to see “The BBQ Song” video, now’s your chance.  Not only is the song hilarious, kinda catchy and educational (they have Mayonnaise-based sauce in Alabama?!), but it was recorded by North Carolinians.  The comedy duo Rhett & Link are sort of like Flight of the Conchords for southerners.  (Then again, the Flight of the Conchords guys hail from New Zealand, which is a lot further south than North Carolina… .)  Watching North Carolina folks sing a funny song about ‘cue oughta make you right proud of the Tarheel state.

3 Responses

  1. I love this song, and these guys are hilarious.

    One thing I’d be interested in, though, is where in Alabama they found mayo-based sauce. Having grown up in Alabama, this came as a surprise even to me. In the southern half of the state, at least, they tended to believe barbecue was cooking meat on a grill with bottled barbecue sauce.

  2. I love the “state confusion” in this video. They sing about Kentucky, when Virginia is on the screen. They don’t sing about Virginia at all (which is probably just as well as Virginia has almost completely abandoned its BBQ tradition, sadly).

    The funniest thing, though, is that they sing about Florida and flash the map of California. HA! This underscores their confusion about whether or not FL is still a southern state.

  3. …and hailing from NC State at that. Go Wolfpack!

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