Learn to Cook ‘Cue

The NC BBQ Society is offering a great, albeit pricey, opportunity to learn to cook real NC barbecue.  See the Raleigh News & Observer’s food blog for details.  Note that registration for the three-day class ends August 15.  As for the event itself, suffice it to say that one of the instructors is Steve Grady of Grady’s BBQ, one of the best barbecue joints in the state.  Oh, and the event is being held in NC’s beautiful Outer Banks.  If you attend, please give me a full report.  Better yet, give me $500 so I can attend myself.  Deal?

The woodpile behind Grady's tells you all you need to know

The pit and woodpile behind Grady's tell you all you need to know.

5 Responses

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Grady both recommended this outing to me when I was at their place for a meal, recently. It would be a fantastic investment of three days.

    Alas, my schedule won’t permit it. Maybe next year. I hope it is very successful.

  2. Wow, that sounds great. If only I had 500 dollars lying around.

  3. When will next year’s event be held and where?

  4. And for that matter, who else and where else are classes held?

  5. @David, I’ve not heard any word on future events, but you could e-mail Jim Early of the NC BBQ Society at INFO@NCBBQSOCIETY.COM to ask him what he’s planning next. I’m sure he’d be happy to hear your interest.

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