Man v. Pork

In case you missed it, The Travel Channel’s MAN V. FOOD episode on Durham debuted Wednesday night, and included a stop at the Backyard BBQ Pit.  Whether or not you saw the show, check out the funny, spot-on pre-show critique over at Durham-based blog take the bull by the horns.  Among the blog’s insights: Durham is not the “Cradle of Cue,” as MAN V. FOOD’s promoters claim, and BBQ is chopped not “stirred.”  Unfortunately, if you missed the show (like I did), it does not appear that MAN V. FOOD’s website includes old episodes.  Maybe the venerable copyright thieves over at You Tube will come through…

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for your appreciate comments, Porky. FYI — the episode’s being re-aired on the Travel Channel today (Saturday) at 11:30 am, Sunday at 3 pm and Wednesday morning at 11 am. I missed it also on Thursday but will tape it today.

  2. Um, scratch “appreciate” above — and just insert “kind”!

  3. Steve, since it turns out I don’t have The Travel Channel, I’d love to hear your report on the show. Please reply in the comments section of this post if you get a chance.

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