Advance Warning: The Barbecue Festival is Coming


Consider this post fair warning that The Barbecue Festival, far and away NC’s largest and most porktacular barbecue event, is coming up in October.  Be there.  Or don’t. 

With or without you, there will be plenty of people descending on uptown (yes, they actually call it that) Lexington on Saturday, October 24th.  In the past crowds have been reported to be as high as 100,000+.  That’s a lot of folks to feed, so if you do head to Lexington, I recommend you skip the ‘cue sold on site and instead visit one of the nearby BBQ joints.  The BBQ Center is a short walk from the festival, and several other worthy joints are within a long walk/short drive.  The food they serve is much better than the stuff that gets thrown together for sale at the tents. 

I’ve been to The Barbecue Festival a few times before and it is always a good time.  Honestly, it is pretty much just a super-sized arts and crafts fair, but it is set in the heart of Lexington and there are some BBQ-friendly elements, from the food to the annual pig-themed sand sculpture.  Also, note that The Barbecue Festival is the culmination of Barbecue Month in Lexington, and there are quite a few events leading up to the actual festival.  Among my favorites are the “Tour de Pig” bicycle event (sponsored, appropriately enough, by a cardiology clinic) and the “Hawg Shoot” air rifle competition held at Lexington Senior High School.

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  1. Don’t forget the rocky mount BBQ fest is next weekend, Oct10th. I have never been but looking forward to going.

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