Report from The Barbecue Festival

Well, I am ashamed to admit I didn’t make it to this year’s Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC.  A combination of morning rain and an iffy afternoon forecast, visiting family, and my daughter’s nap schedule kept me away.  But enough excuses, the good news is that The Lexington Dispatch has a full report, including eight minutes of somewhat disjointed highlight reel style video footage.  Make sure you don’t miss the clip of the Mayor doing the Barbecue Festival equivalent of lighting the Olympic torch–biting into a BBQ sandwich to kick off the event. 

According to the Dispatch, a mind boggling 170,000 people attended the event.  I don’t quite believe that estimate, but even if it’s generous there is no doubt that there were a heckuva lot of BBQ sandwiches sold at the big tent on Saturday. 

I promise the barbecue gods that I will be in Lexington for the 27th annual Barbecue Festival next year.  Until then, forgive me for my sins, and know that I will say a few extra hail marys to make up for my absence this year.

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