Barbecue Fever

In case you missed it, this weekend’s Saturday Night Live had a fake ad for Carter ‘N Sons BBQ. In it, the restaurant uses a slogan that’s…um…regrettable, in light of the H1N1 virus.

Hint: I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more swine.

That’s right, I’ve got Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine Fever!

While I got a chuckle out of the sketch, I was more interested in seeing what kind of ‘cue comes to mind for a bunch of comedy writers when they think  about BBQ. Apparently, it’s Texas-style barbecue.  The music, outfits and, yes,  the Texas flag give away their leanings.

Toward the end, though, there’s definitely a barbecue sandwich, as North Carolinians know it. But it kinda looks like a Texas or New York interpretation of chopped barbecue.

After spending a few minutes pondering what this sandwich would taste like, I decided I had too much time on my hands. Then again, maybe I just have Swiiiiiiiiiiiiine Fever!