BBQ Jew’s View: Mr. Barbecue

1381 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC
No Website
2nd location at 5954 University Parkway in Winston-Salem
BBQ Jew’s Grade: B
Porky Says: “No mas tortillas, por favor, Señor Barbecue.”

The most elaborate barbecue sign in NC?

Fast Food Name, Slow-Cooked Taste
The generic “Mr. Barbecue” name sure didn’t make me confident about the food.  And the chain restaurant vibe–flat screen TVs on the walls, fancy sign out front, 2nd location not far away, decor of the restaurant–made me even more wary.  But the large woodpile outside and the smell of grease hitting hot hickory coals gave me all the motivation I needed to head toward the entrance. 

This sign stopped me in my tracks.

No sooner did I reach the front door than I saw the sign pictured at left.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  Salads? Tortillas?  “What the gristle was this,” I asked myself, “some sort of cruel joke?”  Luckily my salivary glands were in overdrive from the smell wafting from the pit.  There was no turning back.  And it’s a good thing because Mr. Barbecue cooks a good plate (whether he makes a good salad or tortilla, I don’t know).

The meat is moist and generously filled with outside brown.  It is smoky and flavorful, albeit vastly oversauced at the time it is served. The fact that the sauce doused over the ‘cue is too ketchup-heavy for my taste didn’t help.  Luckily there is a more vinegary dip available at the table, which has a much better flavor to it and cuts the ketchup well.

The barbecue is well balanced by good, exceptionally peppery BBQ slaw and solid but not spectacular hugh puppies.  For those who want a break from barbecue (if such people exist). Mr. Barbecue offers a large menu that includes fried and BBQ chicken, as well as excellent homemade banana pudding.  Or you could order the salad in the tortilla bowl.  But you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?

Why order a salad when you can tuck into something this good…

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