Allen’s: Minor Changes

Just a quick update for any Allen & Son’s devotees out there.  (I’m talking about the Chapel Hill location, of course.) I visited for the first time in close to a year and discovered that their prices have gone up yet again.  Allen’s is now pushing $10 for a barbecue plate, which is a bit ridiculous but it doesn’t seem to be hurting their business so it’s hard to fault them.  As long as Keith Allen keeps cooking over wood and making everything from scratch, I’m willing to pay a premium.

As for the food, the pork was good as ever. I did notice a minor change to the hush puppies though.  They seem slightly smaller. I always assumed that one of the reasons the hush puppies often taste over cooked is that they were so large.  Well, so much for that theory, as the reduced size had no impact on the taste.  The puppies are also served with “butter” (margarine really) these days, something they didn’t do back in the day… and a waste if you ask me.  Finally, and most importanly, I believe the Allen’s slaw is a good deal creamier than it used to be, which is a disappointment because their old ‘cue was just about perfectly tangy and nearly mayo free.  Picky comments, and maybe my memory is failing me, but I’ve been going to Allen’s for 20 years so I take these changes personally!

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  1. You are not being too picky…changes to the food at such a traditional restaurant is serious business!!

    While I haven’t visited recently the price hikes are dismaying. Although great Q, Allen & Sons was already a bit steep for my budget.

  2. It has been several months since I have been out to Allen and Sons. Shame to hear about the changes to the slaw.

    I agree with you that the quality of the ‘cue makes the premium worth paying, but worry about the long-term sustainability at that price. The location is not nearly as central as The Pit, and I think they serve a different clientele, one not as ready to pay an upscale price for pork barbecue.

    All that being said, Keith seems to know what he is doing so I will just make sure to make a trip out there soon to support some of the best ‘cue in the area!

  3. The cue has to make me weep if it’s $10 a plate.

  4. I’ve had my share of tears of joy from Allen’s.

  5. […] may recall Porky’s post from the previous decade lamenting two changes at Allen and Son–cost and cole slaw. The price increase was […]

  6. I would rather see a price increase at this venerable restaurant than see smaller portion sizes or reduced quality. As time passes, things get more expensive. What’s a restaurant to do? Either something has to be cut back or the price has to rise.

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