Fire at Holt Lake Bar-B-Q

After several recent restaurant closings due to the economy, there is even more bad news for NC barbecue fans: according to, a kitchen fire has temporarily closed down Holt Lake Bar-B-Q & Seafood in Smithfield.  Although I was underwhelmed by Holt Lake Bar-B-Q on my visit there, the joint has many loyal customers who will be much less happy at meal time in the coming weeks.  The good news for the joint’s customers and 20 employees is that it sounds like the owners will work hard to re-open as soon as they can. 

I wish Holt Lake Bar-B-Q all the best for a speedy recovery.  And maybe they will take the fire as a sign from above and decide to rebuild with the addition of some traditional wood pits so they can keep the fire outside the restaurant!

2 Responses

  1. The fire sounds worse than originally reported, not good news:

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