Dickey’s Barbecue Pit at DFW

Lord, forgive me for I have sinned.  Consider this post a confession more than a review. 

I was flying from the east coast to the left coast and had a layover at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport.  As I walked from one gate to another, I spotted a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.  “What a coincidence,” I thought, “to find BBQ right in front of me while traveling.”  (I found out later that DFW features, count ’em youself if you don’t believe me, three Dickey’s locations so spotting one may have been less coincidence and more inevitable.).  Since I knew that Dickey’s was founded in Dallas I decided to try it.  I figured I could more easily live with myself eating Dickey’s ‘cue at an airport in Texas than not far from my house in North Carolina.

Knowing that Dickey’s is from Texas and made its name there, I ordered the sliced brisket sandwich.  It was on the dry side and a bit lacking in flavor but it was okay, especially for airport fare.  Heck, even mediocre ‘cue is better than most things.  Dickey’s menu also features links, turkey, ham, chicken and “Southern Pulled Pork,” among other dishes. 

I suppose I should try the pulled pork just to complain about it, but it just doesn’t seem right to do that in North Carolina, even though there are a couple of Dickey’s in NC and five more on the way.  Maybe next time I am travelling through DFW.  Until then, Lord, I’ll stick to local barbecue joints.

2 Responses

  1. No need for the confessional. Even third-rate barbecue in an airport is MILES better than the typical chicken fingers and wrap schlock that you normally can find. Two of my airport BBQ favorites are Corky’s in the Memphis airport and the restaurant in Lexington, KY (can’t remember the name) that actually has some half-decent mutton BBQ on the menu.

  2. The Corky’s in the Memphis airport, while good, is not the real Corky’s of Memphis on Poplar Level Rd. The people at the original Corky’s disown the franchise. However, the Interstate BBQ at the Memphis airport is top notch! If you are ever stuck in Memphis, try the Rendezvous downtown or the original Corky’s for dry rub. Interstate BBQ has great ribs and brisket.

    The place in Lexington with the mutton is Billy’s BBQ. Lived around the corner from there years ago. Very good!

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