BBQ&A Interviews: Now 73.7% Easier to Read*

Good news for everyone who hates scrolling down or reading a narrow middle column–i.e., those who think the blog format is a bit less than ideal for the type of hard hitting, in depth whiny, long-winded reporting BBQ Jew specializes in…

We recently updated all of our BBQ&A interviews to include a link to .pdf versions of the interviews.  For example, see our BBQ&A with Sean Wilson of Fullsteam Brewery here.  Or see our BBQ&A with the authors of Holy Smoke here.  Want to see more?  Just click on “BBQ&A” in the right hand column under the “Categories” heading, choose the interview you want and then find the .pdf links at the top of each post. 

*According to unverifiable claims by the unreliable authors of this website.

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