Where Would Waldo Dine?

It’s Friday and it’s a safe bet nobody wants to read yet another long-winded and short-sighted post.  So, let’s play “Where’s Waldo: Barbecue Edition.”  If you think you recognize the below barbecue joint (not yet reviewed on this site but coming soon), let me know in the comment section.  The first person to guess right gets a coveted BBQ Jew fridge magnet just as soon as I can figure out where my stash is hiding.  Bonus points for naming something interesting (but true) about this joint.

7 Responses

  1. Wow, I wish I new!!

  2. It looks familiar, but then again, I’ve been to 297 Q-joints in North Carolina, and I sure can’t remember where this one is!

    Any clues???

  3. Clue: It’s pink. Q_Lover, you should have some sort of celebration (or maybe have a thorough physical at the doc’s office!) when you reach 300 joints, that is impressive.

  4. Pinkies BBQ Palace.

  5. ({keenfactor, on August 31, 2010 at 3:58 pm Said:
    “Pinkies BBQ Palace.”)

    Okay, so where in the state is this??? Either I’ve been there and just don’t remember, or it is some place that I need to go!

  6. Readers, I am disappointed in you. You must study harder for the midterm exam. The correct answer is The Pink Supper House in Wallace. I will post a review of it before long so you can see what you’ve been missing (preview: not all that much).

  7. Thanks Porky, I’ve heard of it, but never been there. I understand that they are only open on Saturdays (at least that is what I’ve heard), so it’s kinda hard to get there then. Maybe some day!

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