Flood Causes Soggy Bunn’s, While Fire Burns Rick’s Pits

This week we learned of a double dose of barbecue bad news.  Down east the recent flooding hit Bunn’s Barbecue in Windsor hard.  According to an AP article, the well known 72 year old BBQ joint located in a former gas station was damaged by flood water and may need to be rebuilt.  Here’s to hoping they get back in business quickly.  In the meantime, best of luck to the Bunn’s Barbecue family.

Meanwhile, a fire that started in the joint’s pits gutted Rick’s Smokehouse Barbecue Restaurant in Welcome.  According to the Lexington Dispatch, “A number of restaurant employees hugged one another and cried as they stood in the parking lot not long after the fire was brought under control.”  The owner, Rick Mathews, said the joint is “essentially destroyed” but he wants to rebuild and hopes his insurance policy covers much of the damage.  We hope so too!

Readers, please leave any suggestions for how to help Bunn’s and Rick’s out if you hear more about what they need to rebuild.  There is a long tradition in North Carolina of folks pitching in when barbecue joints run into unexpected problems so maybe there is something past, present and future customers can do to help out.

2 Responses

  1. Emergency fund for Rick’s employees: http://www.the-dispatch.com/article/20101008/ARTICLES/101009758/1005

  2. I learned today that Bunn’s is back in business, good for them!

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