Total (BBQ) Recall

Bad news for those of you who like your barbecue with a side of salmonella: The Louisburg-based company The Murphy House has recalled over 4,900 pounds of barbecue due to possible salmonella contamination, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your ‘cue and ‘nella fix. (Earlier this year the same company had to recall a bad batch of Brunswick stew.)

It’s a shame to see so much barbecue go to waste, but if barbecue is going to be thrown away I prefer it be the pre-packaged pork from the big plastic tubs than succulent swine from independent restaurants.  More details on the recall are available from WTVD news, including the interesting note that products from The Murphy House had been served at the North Carolina State Fair.  Here’s to hoping that any sickness related to the Fair is caused by pairing fried foods and roller coasters, not by salmonella…

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