Hogku Part Deux

It’s been more than a year since my first attempt at the soon-to-be-timeless art of hogku (that is, haiku about barbecue).  Well, the mood struck me again at last, so here goes the fruits of 10 minutes of labor (okay, maybe 15):

Amtrak train take me
To the once-a-year station
‘Cue Festival time

Cole slaw is subtle
But accents the split between
East versus the West

Pig pickin’ time now
Harvest the tobacco field
Start again come spring

Tobacco and pork
Go together hand in glove
Smoking banned, ‘cue not

A capitol dome
Perched atop Pete Jones’ castle
Skylight Inn lives on

Pitmasters’ labor is
Rarely in view but humbles
The BBQ Jew

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