United States of Food

What a country! As one can see in this state-by-state map of food specialties, we live in a diverse, delicious, somewhat obese nation.

It’s worth a gander to see what one quirky web site makes of our nation’s food. North Carolina is represented by barbecue dry barbeque. Oh. To this rabbi’s ears, that’s akin to wet water.

Meanwhile, on the wet barbecue front, I’d humbly suggest that the pride of Kansas City should carry Missouri. No disrespect to the noble toasted ravioli, but everyone knows they couldn’t clean K.C. rib fingers with a Handi Wipe (so to speak). And tossing the “wet barbecue” title across the line to Kansas wreaks of a compromise.

I’m sure we everyone would make an amendment or two, but it’s a fun map. As I perused it, I found myself putting together a heckuva plate. It’d be heavy on North Carolina, with sides of Alabama, Oklahoma and Montana a little Kentucky (why not!). Maybe a little Mississippi for dessert.

What’s your All-American meal?

3 Responses

  1. Agreed– as a Missour-olinian, I view the omission of a big ol’ plate of Arthur Bryant’s burnt ends sittin’ on the show-me-state as a serious ‘mis-cue’.

  2. Rib Rabbi, I fear that your first name blinded you to perhaps the biggest weakness in the depiction of NC: ribs! We all know the picture should be of a chopped plate, a whole hog or a shoulder…

  3. Mis-cue! Nice one, Joe!

    Porky–it’s funny, I couldn’t even tell what was pictured for NC, so I just assumed it was an odd shaped portion of chopped. Perhaps because it’s so rare to see a single rib (I’m partial to a whole bunch). In swinesight, and given that it is undeniably a rib, I’d have more of a bone to pick w/ that map.

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