BBQ&A: Rick & Ryan of The North Carolina Barbecue Company

Rick Scott and Ryan Pitz teamed up to form The North Carolina Barbecue Company, a mail order business established “to deliver to doorsteps across the country the unique culinary culture of our great state.”  The North Carolina Barbecue Company is unique in offering both Eastern and Piedmont/Lexington-style ‘cue and slaw for delivery.  Recently I sat down (at my laptop) and interviewed Rick and Ryan about how they got into the barbecue business, battle boxes, and why mail order hush puppies are an elusive goal.

Follow this link to read the interview with Rick and Ryan. (Or if you are hungry already, just click on over to their online order page.)

2 Responses

  1. Porky,

    North Carolina BBQ might be nice, and I can’t discount the raging debate over vinegar and ketchup, but my family and I have traveled the country and put together a mail order BBQ that has tastes from Hawaii to North Carolina. Seriously, how about a comparison of those of us with online BBQ joints?

  2. PigofTheMonth, if you want to send me some barbecue to review be my guest…

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