Super Bowl XLV Prediction

[Editor’s note: This post was originally scheduled to run one week ago but was  embargoed until today due to a dispute with Fox Sports that has since been resolved in’s favor.  Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay, as we fully understand that sports reporting is time sensitive and it would have been more desirable for this post to run as originally scheduled.]

What better day of the year to eat barbecue (ribs especially) than Super Bowl Sunday?  And what better pre-game activity than guessing the winner and final score?  Both the Packers and Steelers had impressive seasons and have earned their berths in the big game. Pittsburgh and Green Bay appear on paper to be evenly matched, but only one team can win. That team? My not so well educated prediction follows.

I predict that the first half of the game will be surprisingly one sided, with the Packers controlling the action on both sides of the ball and jumping out to a 21-3 lead, before the Steelers score a touchdown with a few seconds left to go into halftime down 21-10.  In the second half, the Steelers will strike quickly to cut the Packers’ lead to 21-17.  In the end though, I predict the Packers will prevail over the Steelers 31-25. Will it pan out like that? Only time will tell, so tune in on Sunday to find out.

Whatever the final score, I just hope it’s a good game this year.  What’s your prediction?

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