Rumor Mill: Giorgios Bakatsias Entering the BBQ Business?

Recently I received an anonymous tip from a source I will refer to as “Deep Snout.”  Deep Snout reports that serial upscale dining entrepreneur Giorgios Bakatsias–affiliated with over 30 restaurants and similar enterprises during his long career, including several high profile places in Durham past and present–is about the enter the world of barbecue. 

Giorgios has long been a polarizing figure in the Triangle-area dining scene, hailed by some for helping popularize fine dining in places like Durham and dismissed by others who are less than impressed by his culinary credentials. Regardless of your opinion of his restaurants, Giorgios opening a barbecue place is big news.  It is also fairly hard to imagine given his past forays into French food, pan-Asian cuisine, and many other Internationally-inspired menus. I suppose this is a sign that barbecue is becoming more cosmopolitan, for better or worse, or that Giorgos has run out of other countries whose food he likes. 

Another source (Deeper Snout? Trotter?) told me Giorgios has spent a small fortune on a smoker for the new restaurant and is installing a chef from the former Durham institution George’s Garage at the helm; whether this chef has ever worked in the barbecue world is unclear. 

Stay tuned, I am sure there is more to this story…

3 Responses

  1. This can’t be that little dump on US1 and Burlington Mill Road, can it? That space just isn’t upscale enough, but for a few weeks there’s been a sign on the building reading “US1 BBQ” or something along those lines.

    Jeez Louise, get me some Holdens’, stat!

  2. The store appears to be next to his Wake Forest restaurant Girasole and the Tavern next door. There has been a sign advertising Worlds best BBQ coming soon.

  3. I know he is a bit of a food icon, but really out of all his restaurants that he has going on. The only one I would actually recommend for someone to eat at is Vin Rouge. I’ve not bothered with Bin 54 because it’s over priced. The rest of the restaurants he has his hands in are mediocre at best and not that BBQ is suppose to be a dressed up affair, but I just feel like this going to fall flat. Time will tell, but with bbq it truly a do it right or go home.. unless you are desperate for some form of Q.

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