Stew ‘n Q Til’ It’s Through

I recently found out about this awesome Stew ‘n Q fundraiser this Saturday at Durham’s St. Luke’s Church. Then I found out I hadn’t found out recently enough.

Chef PigI was too late–as they ask for preorders, which makes sense–sort of like the BBQ RSVP–but goes against the keep ’em comin’ ‘cue ethic. Then again, on scrolling the site with a hungry eye, you learn that they only “strongly  urge” people to preorder to “guarantee” some stew and ‘cue. So…you’re telling me I have a chance?!

Anyway, I have a hunch you may be able to take part in this most holy of fundraisers if you head to St. Luke’s later in the day.

While this kind of Church-based barbecue event isn’t all that rare, taking a step back–what an idea! I’m no expert, but I’d guess that raising funds for charities by selling the divine swine must ensure a pleasant afterlife for all involved. And I’m pretty sure the same would hold true for participating congregants at the first synagogue to emulate it.*

Should the preorder buzzkill hold true, perhaps it’s best to smoke your sorrows at The Pig. This loving review in The Independent reminds me why I need to go back there pronto.

*There is neither Biblical or Talmudic proof to justify this claim, just hot air.

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