BBQ&A: Sam Suchoff, The Pig Chef-Owner

Sam Suchoff is not your typical pit boss.  But then The Pig is not your typical barbecue joint. Indeed, Suchoff has a damn near disturbing range of culinary experience for a barbecue cook.  More to the point, much of the fare he serves at The Pig veers away from North Carolina barbecue tradition with menu items like brisket, tamales, kielbasa and, yes, even country fried tofu. 

Veering away from tradition is not necessarily a bad thing because many traditional North Carolina barbecue joints offer little on their menus worth sampling beyond the holy trinity of barbecue, slaw and hushpuppies (which, to be fair, is not necessarily a bad thing either).  Suchoff offers a wide-ranging, pork-centric menu, but he respects the tradition of whole hog barbecue and that reverence is evident along with his creativity. 

In a recent interview, Suchoff was kind enough to share with me the reasons he cooks with an electric smoker, why barbecue is the dish he’s most proud of cooking despite all the variety on his menu, and why vegetarianism is an easy way to get girls (at least in L.A.).  Follow this link to read the interview.

7 Responses

  1. These interviews are my favorite part of this site. But why PDF?

  2. Why not .pdf? Seriously, I’m curious…

  3. I really like his explanation of the electric cooker.

  4. .pdf is kind of pain for me as well. it adds an extra step in that my computer has to open the reader. not a huge inconvenience but in this day and age an extra step while web browsing often leads to bypassing all together. not that i would ever pass on one of your articles!

  5. Regarding .pdfs, the people have spoken. Going forward I’ll post the BBQ&A features as both text in the body of the post and .pdfs so everyone is happy. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Porky, you truly are a man of the people.

  7. It’s also likely that PDFs are indexed by search engines at a lower content value than regular html, so your interviews may not be drawing as much traffic as they rightfully deserve.

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