No Fooling: Hillsborough BBQ Company Opening Soon

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t mustered the creativity to write a gag post for April Fool’s Day.  Instead, I’m pleased to report that the Hillsborough BBQ Company anticipates an April 5th  7th opening. They promise to serve wood-fired, pit cooked barbecue so I’m eager to check them out.  Have a good weekend and may your April be fool-free.

2 Responses

  1. There site still says the 5th..

    Look forward to a report.. and hopefully they’ll keep wood and not electric.

  2. Man, had it tonight……Good friggin que. My wife got 1/2 rack of ribs, I got a combination of pulled, or rather chopped, bbq and brisket. Everything was excellent and had a nice smokey flavor, but not too much. The sauce on the ribs had a nice bite to it, I could have wanted a little more spice, but I love extremely spicy stuff. Its a good middle ground. The brisket and ribs were similar in flavor, smokey, moist, and plain. The plain part is not made as an insult, it was that way so you could add your preference for sauce on it. I am a NC boy and I like vinegar based on my bbq, but brisket is not a NC dish and is best with the midwestern sauce. Both were good, I actually liked the midwestern sauce a bit better (I am very particular on my NC bbq sauce). The green beans, collards, mac and cheese all hit the spot. I have to give extra kudos for the mac and cheese, as it was made with a real rue and good cheese. Trust me, you can tell a good rue. The collards had a very interesting flavor and needed no vinegar, though could have used a bit less salt. Personal preference, still good and very edible. Beer selection was good, 4 on tap and others in bottles. Wine, decent selection, but who would drink wine with bbq? All and all, glad to see it producing some good, wonderfully artery clogging, down-home food!

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