Got Wood?

I received an email from a reader with the following problem. I’m hoping someone out there in the Internets can provide some specific advice. If you’d rather not share the full contact info here, drop me a line at BBQJew at and I’ll pass it along.


We are planning to resurrect a very old brick cookpit on our property.  Would you be able to share a source for wood in the general Raleigh area?  We live in Wake Forest. Thanks for any info. you may have.  : )

 Sincerely, Diane
P.S.  I found you by way of a search I’d describe as nearly exhaustive!”
Diane’s exhaustive search probably would have been more productive had in been focused on Craigslist, the yellow pages, or even wandering around the streets of Wake Forest rather than trying to find a BBQ-eating fool like me.  But I appreciate her effort and want to help her out. Anybody out there know of good sources of cooking wood in the Raleigh area. Though she doesn’t specify, I assume Diane would prefer hickory but oak may do too.

There is plenty of wood at Grady's in Dudley...

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  1. There is a place that sells wood for BBQ very close to Wake Forest. Take Hwy 98 West toward Durham and it’s on your left. I can’t remembered exactly where it is on 98 but it’s not any more than 15min from US1/98 intersection. Hope that helps!

  2. Yes, there is a place on Hwy 98 that has a sign advertising wood for BBQ r’s . It would be on you left as you leave Wake Forest and go toward Durham. It is after you pass Stony Hill Rd and before you would crossover Creedmoor.

  3. Seems like with all the trees down from the tornadoes in Raleigh and nearby about a month ago, people would be willing to give wood away. You’d probably have to cut and haul it yourself. Contact the local FEMA office to find where they’re hauling it. If you are only interested in purchasing wood for delivery, then shop around. There is (was) a guy named Al Phillips who operates (operated) a wood yard, located at the SW corner of the intersection of NC 55 and Cary-Morrisville Road in western Wake County. He was inexpensive and I bought wood for my household heater for a number of years during the 1990’s. After Hurricane Fran came through in 1996, there was so much wood on the ground that people were paying to have it cut up and hauled away. An oddity of that storm was that hickory trees were the last standing, with oaks and other trees on the ground.

  4. The guy off hwy 98 is Andrew. He is a cool guy. You better call before you go though, he may not have a lot in. He advertises in craigslist so I don’t think its a problem posting his number. He has hickory, pecan, apple, cherry, white oak, and a couple others! His #919-398-393 five

    Good Luck!

  5. Thanks for all the wood wisdom, folks.

  6. The place in Wake Forest that sells BBQ Cooking Wood is a Tree Service – Andrew’s Tree Pros. Check out their website at

    or give Andrew a call at 919-398-3935.

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