Next Time Say Yes

A brief barbecue tale:

Recently, I was at a highbrow, foodie conference in Austin. While killing time in the lobby between sessions, I noticed that the woman next to me had a Kansas City Barbeque Society sticker on her laptop. That got my attention, because the majority of attendees were…well, unlikely to sport KCBS stickers.

I made an innocent comment about it and the woman, in her 50s or so, asked if I was a member. I said no, unfortunately, I’d let my membership lapse.

Her: Oh, that’s too bad.


Me: What’s your affiliation with KCBS?

Her: I’m the executive director.


Shortly thereafter, she got up and left as I consoled myself by (silently) disparaging the sugar-sauced up product those KCers push. In other words, I was lamenting a missed opportunity.

The lesson here–what’s a little membership-related fib between barbecue brethren?

5 Responses

  1. Hey Porky! You ARE a KCBS member – you just paid your membership when you became CBJ in February!

    Personally, I think that there is a place for KC style sauce, just not on pork! I will use that sugar-sweet stuff on ribs and/or chicken, just not straight out of the bottle. I have to “fix it up” a bit first!

  2. Hey Tom,
    I should have clarified that it was Porky’s shy sidekick, the Rib Rabbi, writing…

    I hear ya on the alternate uses and the “fixing it up.” Although sometimes the best way to fix it is to leave it in the bottle. Hey now!!!!!

  3. Tom,

    I swear that The Rib Rabbi is a real person and not just my alter ego/split personality. Unfortunately, with a name like Rib he may have to put up with some sweet thick sauce from time to time or he’ll lose his moniker.

  4. Thanks Porky! I’m looking forward to meeting RR sometime! But for now, just tell him not to get sauced too often!

  5. Dear Rib Rabbi,

    I just found this site and I love it. As a fellow Tribesmen and BBQ addict this is what I’m talking about! Do you have a twitter account for this site? Also what’s your favorite hot sauce? Have you tried Infusion hot sauce< or Sriracha?

    Best of luck,
    Matthew Berman

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