A&M Grill in Mebane Closes

One of my favorite barbecue joints, the history-rich A&M Grill in Mebane, has apparently gone out of business. That is the word on Chowhound and the source cited there appears legitimate. If true, very sad news.

Ah, Vacation

I just returned from a week-plus in cool but sunny northern Minnesota. I am relaxed but woefully behind on BBQ Jew posts (among other parts of my life). Bear with me as I catch up over the next few days. For now, suffice it to say that the good people of Minnesota have no idea what barbecue is or how to cook it–at least judging from the couple of sample I had up there. But it is a beautiful, friendly state.  More before long…

Happy Fourth of July

Happy July 4th, readers.  I hope you are celebrating America’s birthday in style, or at least with a day off of work.  In case you are feeling extra patriotic today, visit America’s neighborhood store, Ebay to obtain these Patriotic Pig Salt & Pepper Shakers.  I’ve got $10 that these lovely creatures are made in China, but you can only prove me wrong if you buy ’em.

A Reason to Tweet

As you may be aware, if you are hip to all the latest jive, a few months ago BBQJew.com took to the Twittersphere.  Truth be told, I am not yet particularly excited about Twitter, but my opinion may be changing.  One of my latest Twitter followers is this guy, who has the best bio I’ve yet to see on Twitter or perhaps anywhere.  “Soliliquist, picklemaker, heirloomist, & water walker.”  Hard to top that, though the ampersand is lazy.

              Soliliquist, picklemaker, heirloomist, & water walker.