ALO: Strange Brew Redo

A little over a month ago I posted an article about the strange press releases I receive due to my BBQ blogging. In that post, I poked fun at a drink called ALO, an aloe-based beverage.  At the time, I wrote:

Well, I guess my first question would be what the heck does this drink have to do with barbecue?  I honestly can’t think of a drink I’d be less likely to consume while tucking into a plate of BBQ than aloe vera juice… unless I burned  my tongue on a rib. That said, I am duly impressed that ALO Drink is the “#1  ready-to-drink aloe vera beverage in the U.S.”: I mean, there is more than one such drink?  No wonder people think the end times are near…

Well, the company promoting ALO called my bluff and shipped me a case of the stuff.  Now that’s good PR.  So I tried it. The drink, with chunks of aloe suspended in it and unusual flavor combinations like aloe/mangosteen/mango and aloe/pomelo/pink grapefruit/lemon, is a bit different to say the least.  My first sips were not enjoyable, but before long I acquired the taste and was sucking down ALOs like so many bottles of Cheerwine.

The relevant question, of course, is would ALO pair well with barbecue?  The answer: never talk about “pairing” and barbecue in the same sentence or I may have to smack you.  Oh, and yes.  ALO would work fine with barbecue. It’s on the sweet side and the flavors (aside from wheat grass, which goes well with nothing except the drain) would complement pork fairly well.  Still, don’t tell anyone if you do it. I’m not sure how the barbecue gods would react to such an affront, but if you close your eyes and imagine you are drinking iced tea they might forgive you… I will.


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