New (?) BBQ Joint in Salisbury

Rick’s Barbecue & Grill has opened–or maybe it has been open for awhile, I really don’t know–in Salisbury, the birthplace of Piedmont/”Lexington”-style barbecue.  See the article in the Salisbury Post for details, and drop me a line if you know whether this is a new restaurant or not. From the article, it sounds like a reincarnation or renaming of a previous restaurant but I am baffled.

2 Responses

  1. Rick’s has been there for several years! I only got there back in March of this year, but remember seeing it a couple years ago.

    I rated Rick’s barbecue a solid 3 (on my 1 bad – to – 5 best scale), as the meat was dry and chewy with okay flavor and a smoke aftertaste. Not much meat on the sandwich either.

  2. Thanks for the info, Tom. The article left me confused and I’d not heard of this place before.

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