A (Revised) History of Goldsboro Barbecue

A little over a month ago I ran this post about an amateur historian’s take on Goldsboro’s rich barbecue history.  I recently was able to track down the author, Carl Eugene (“Gene”) McBride, Jr.   He not only agreed to allow me to continue to share his magnum opus porkus online but offered a new and improved version.  The revised version corrects a few minor errors and is available here for your reading pleasure: GoldsboroBarbecue. (I also updated the original post to link to this revised document.) It’s a terrific read so please do check it out.

So, who is this mysterious McBride fellow anyway?  A Goldsboro native who now lives in barbecue purgatory on the left coast, it turns out.  As Gene told me over email: “I grew up in Goldsboro until I went off to UNC-Chapel Hill in 1965. Although I now live in Los Angeles, I have visited Goldsboro every year since then. You are correct that Goldsboro is truly a barbecue haven.  I wish I had some of that ‘cue right now!”  If any Tar Heel travelers are planning a journey to the City of Angels, I am confident that Gene would be more than happy to pay your airfare if you simply bring him a plate of his precious ‘cue.

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