BBQ Jew’s View: (The Original) Parker’s Barbecue

2514  US Highway 301 South, Wilson, NC
(252) 237-0972
No Website
BBQ Jew’s Grade: B
Porky Says: “A tarnished shrine for barbecue fundamentalists.”

The Original
(The Original) Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson used to just be known as Parker’s Barbecue, and to most people it still is.  But a restaurant named Parker’s Barbecue in nearby Greenville, started by relatives of the founders of Parker’s in Wilson–who had sold to non-Parker family owners in the 1980s–gave (The Original) Parker’s reason to want to differentiate itself.  Hence the parentheses, and the confusing lineage.  But (The Original) Parker’s food is the opposite of parenthetical and far from confusing–it is straightforward, honest to goodness classic Eastern North Carolina barbecue… with one major caveat: they no longer cook on wood-fired pits.

Sticking to the Basics
There are two famous barbecue joints in Wilson.  One of them is as close to an amusement park as an old fashioned NC barbecue joint gets.  The other one is (The Original) Parker’s.  From the simple wide white ranch style building that has housed the restaurant in its current location since its founding in 1946 to the food to the waitstaff, Parker’s is all business.  The waitstaff is entirely male–hard working, always hustling, white apron- and white paper hat-wearing young white males.  The decor is sparse and simple–real wood paneling, tables lined up one after another, a few aging newspaper articles about the joint on the wall, etc.

Between the decor and the waitstaff, when you walk in the front door at Parker’s it’s easy to think you have entered a time warp back to the 1950s.   A basic menu and stark–even by BBQ joint standards–presentation of the food does nothing to make you think you’ve reentered the 21st century.  But why bother to live in 2011 when the barbecue was so good a half century ago?  Parker’s delivers on what it silently promises–good, straightforward Eastern-style barbecue and sides.

In my opinion, Parker’s whole hog, wood-cooked barbecue is not as jaw droppingly succulent as places like Grady’s and the Skylight Inn.  Parker’s pork is quintessential Eastern-style ‘cue: chopped fine, tender, lightly sauced and leaning toward the dry side due to the large amount of leaner meat from the hams.  It includes flecks of skin, though Parker’s is “cleaner” than places like those mentioned above.  I personally think Parker’s is a bit too dry and clean, and machine-chopped too finely, but it’s good ‘cue and seems pointless to criticize a place like Parker’s that delivers exactly the type of high quality barbecue it sets out to deliver.  (Well, except that they dropped cooking over wood pits in recent years, which is a major affront to history and tradition, and deserves criticism in my fundamentalist BBQ holy book.) To counter the dryness, I added quite a bit of the straight-ahead simple vinegar/hot pepper sauce (picture Texas Pete cut with a little more vinegar and your right on).  Another strategy is to mix the pork with the terrific, slightly mustardy but sweet yellow slaw.  The slaw matches the pork perfectly.  You’ll also be pleased by the plump, sweet hush puppies and dense, classic cornsticks.

If you want to upgrade from the “barbecue plate” of pork, puppies/cornsticks and slaw to the “barbecue dinner”, you’ll get to add a few selections  from among a small group of traditional Eastern-style sides: barbecue boiled potatoes, string beans, Brunswick stew and french fries.  If you order a combination dinner, you can sample Parker’s highly regarded fried chicken.  Or for a couple of bucks more you can order “family style” and get all you can eat ‘cue and sides, plus a couple of pieces of chicken.  Barbecue chicken, fried shrimp, chicken livers and a few other dishes plus desserts round out the menu.

Long live (The Original).  And maybe someday they’ll revive the wood pits?  A man can dream…

21 Responses

  1. Be aware that Parkers does not accept credit or debit cards. Its strictly a cash establishment. I found this out the hard way and had to borrow a little from my friend to cover my family’s fine dining.

  2. I really liked Parker’s when I visited many years ago, except I couldn’t figure out the point of the cornsticks. Your description of them as “classic” leads me to believe that you may understand where I’m coming from. Your photos depict all of the hushpuppies eaten up front, while the cornsticks remain on a distant plate, challenging you to choke them down. It’s like they take everything that is good about the hushpuppy, and do the opposite – dry it out, unsweeten it, and make it dense and crumbly. Is there some historic reason for them (using lesser parts of corn ear)? Or some culinary purpose (are they good dipped in brunswick stew)? How about my use of parentheses and question marks? Is that structurally correct?

  3. Nate, although you ask many good questions I’m afraid you are reading too much into my description of cornsticks. Rather than aggressively challenging you, I will gently respond. How gently? Parenthetically. (Although I’ve not yet developed the same love of cornsticks that I have of hush puppies, I do like them. They have a more complex, dense flavor and I enjoy the chewy texture. They taste especially good mopping up coleslaw sauce, though I am not sure that is an officially sanctioned use. As far as I know, cornsticks date back many decades prior to hush puppies in NC BBQ culture. I would venture a guess that cornsticks are the descendants of cornbread and cornpone, which Carolinians have eaten since time immemorial, while hush puppies are a relative newcomer. That said, I see where you’re coming from, if not where you’re going.) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s.

  4. Thanks for the game reply Porky. I confess I’ve never contemplated the preparation of bbq sides prior to the arrival of modern day fryer. Henceforth, when I next have the pleasure of dining at Parker’s, I shall gnaw my way through the ‘sticks in solidarity with my forebears.

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  6. Are you sure that they are wood-cooked? I thought that they had converted to gas cookers with wood smokers at either end…. Pretty sure they took it (and Bill Ellis’) off the NC BBQ Trail Map for that very reason, if memory serves, once they decided to feature only wood-fired pits.

  7. just a second post to subscribe to comments…. sorry…

  8. zy1125 is right. Parker’s is an institution and it has a glorious history and it still serves an important community function, but it now serves slow-roasted pork, not proper wood-cooked barbecue. Sad.

  9. Thanks zy1125 and porcophile, i will correct my article as soon as I get a chance . That explains why I didn’t think Parker’s tasted quite pit-cooked. I should have trusted my swine-carnivore instincts, but got seduced by the joint’s history.

  10. I have corrected the article per zy1125 and porcophile’s comments, which I believe are accurate. A major gaffe on my part to miss this the first time around, so thanks readers for the gentle correction! Always sad to see a long time wood-burner stray from the path of righteousness.

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  12. Is there any way i can get the recipe for the slaw? I’ve tried to find it through a google search, but nothing has hit the nail on the head.

  13. My husband and I stopped there on the way home form vacation. We had never been. I must say I LOVED IT and he did too. The staff was knowledgeable and quick, service was excellent. Its not a fru fru fancy place, but if you want great service and great food for your money..go there…its wonderful. The slaw is as tasty as the presentation of it being yellow. I was a bit scared of it and after I tasted it was like WOW!!! I think this man’s review is sad..We LOVED IT and the next time we go by, we WILL stop again.

  14. Ate there last night and it was wonderful(family style). It amazes me how they can get gas cooked Q to taste that great. And the fried chicken is off the charts great. I cook a lot of Q at home over wood and it is good but Parkers is just as good if not better. I would love to have their recipes for the sauce they season their Q with and the one for the Fried Chicken. Parkers is consistently good. I never fail to stop in anytime I get near Wilson.

  15. Parkers in Wilson NC has got to be one of the best BBQ places in the world.World class SERVICE and a price that anyone would be happy with.(about $7 tea included) You go to one of these chain stores(Applebee’s, Tuesday’s Long Star) They’ll get $3 bucks just for the tea!!!

    Wilson NC Best
    Mama Flow’s
    Silver Lake
    Amy Jo’s
    Creamery onion rings
    Burger Boy chicken club

  16. Love love love Parkers!!! I live in Utah and don’t get to enjoy it often. My brother in law brought us some back, we pick it up tomorrow, so excited!!! Going to try to make the slaw and potatoes. Yay Parkers!!! 😋 Yum!

  17. If you are stranded in this remote area, then enjoy. Otherwise avoid this white trash dump and the rude waitresses and go for real BBQ elsewhere, such as Q Shack or Heavely Hog。

  18. and I am still angry about those stupid and ignorant comments from the cashier ladies.

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  20. For many years growing up my family and I would eat at Parkers Barbecue. We lived in Wilson and new the owners well. Their food can not be compared to any other barbecue restaurant because none others compare. It’s really that good. Since I have moved away many years ago and I told my wife about this place she has bothered me for many years to take her there. So now we are planning a road trip. Worth the journey I will assure you.

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