Free Pork by Mail

Thanks to the good folks at the NC BBQ Company, who are offering readers (that’d be you, nimrod) a chance to win some free pork.  In exchange for my blessing to include some past writings in their newsletter, the NC BBQ Company has offered a free Battle Box for a lucky reader.  But there is no such thing as a free lunch, so you have to earn it.

For a chance to win the Battle Box (retail value $55), you must write me at BBQJew at and do one of the following things: tell me why you like NC barbecue; tell me your most or least favorite part of this website; or send me an original (by yourself, wiseguy) BBQ-related photo, essay, poem, video or whatever else you can dream up.  I’ll randomly draw the winner from among all entrants.

Note: All entrants agree to allow me to post their submittals on this website.
Also, your odds of winning vary depending on whether or not my mom submits an entry.