Have a Heart on Valentine’s Day

It’s not everyday that I have an excuse to post a photo like the one below.  But Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any–and better than most–to show a little heart.  Thanks to Chef-Owner-Budding Cardiac Photographer Sam Suchoff of The Pig in Chapel Hill for the photo.  Lord only knows what Sam was up to with these pig hearts when he took the photo, but I’ll bet the end result tasted good.


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  1. Waste not, want not. Someone told me that the Nahunta Pork Center down near Goldsboro is now shipping large numbers of hearts for use in surgical procedures. I don’t know how many pig-valve operations are done each year, but you may remember that for a time each of NC’s senators — Jesse Helms and Terry Sanford — had a special place in his heart for pork.

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