Carolina Pork Experiment

The yankees are coming, the yankees are coming.  But this time they are here to spread joy and pork.  This weekend the Carolina Pork Experiment, a stop on the circuit of the Brooklyn Brewery-sponsored The Food Experiments, will be held in Durham.

The event is a chance for amateur cooks to show off your porcine cooking talents, and for spectators to have a good time and a cold draft minus the competitive pressure.  (Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver is well-known as a perhaps the leading advocate for pairing beers and food.  His book, The Brewmaster’s Table, is a classic for foodies and beer geeks alike.)  Read more about The Carolina Pork Experiment after the jump.

The Food Experiments’ Theo Peck writes:

“I’m reaching out to prominent North Carolina food bloggers to let you know  about the first ever Carolina Pork Experiment – an amateur cook-off pitting North Carolina’s finest, most committed, and passionate home chefs against one another to battle for culinary glory! The Carolina  Pork Experiment on April 15th is the fourth stop on a 16-city National  Food Experiment Tour sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. The Grand Prize  winner of the Carolina Pork Experiment gets a trip to Brooklyn, NY courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery to compete in the  World Series / Super Bowl / World Cup of food competitions: The National Championship! Where the winner will be up against the winners from  around the country and the globe.

The Food Experiments ( is a series of amateur cook-offs that celebrate the home chef. Dishes  will range from the savory to the sweet. You’ll see it all: Pork sauces, Pork sandwiches, pork cupcakes, pork soups, perhaps even whole roasted  pork… Remember there is always room for a little experimentation and one last bite. As long as there’s some kind of pork in it, it can  represent. You may never look at the pig the same way. By creating these events, my co-organizer and I have looked to develop a  community of food and fun-loving people not only in our hometown of  Brooklyn but also across the country. And now thanks to our presenting  sponsor Brooklyn Brewery, The Food Experiments are going on the road for a second year!
The Carolina Pork Experiment will be held at Motorco (723 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, NC, 27701) on Sunday April 15th, 2012 from noon – 3 PM. Anyone can compete! All you have to do is sign up through our  website. Anyone can win!  Anyone can attend! Tickets are $10 and include a Brooklyn Brewery Beer. A portion of the event’s proceeds will go  towards charities that promote sustainability and local culinary  education for disadvantaged children and teens.
I’d like to encourage you and your readers to enter or attend. The grand prize is a trip to Brooklyn (we fly you in, take you out for  some great food, and put you up in a cool hotel) to eat and compete  against all the cook-off winners from around the country. All Carolina chef-testants will be a provided with a $50 Harris Teeter gift certificate to help purchase ingredients for the competition.
Both the audience and the judges will get to name their favorites. Our  esteemed judging panel will include Johanna Kramer, the Durham Foodies and Iron Chef Walter Royal of The Angus Barn Steakhouse. Don’t forget to check out the prizes!”

2 Responses

  1. Dudes – the day after Passover? So not cool, even for us swine-partaking MOTs. When are we supposed to test our recipes?

  2. When you’re ready to break the fast, do it in style!

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