Porky’s Pulpit: Happy Eastover, Judeo-Christian Friends

Whether you are among the masses (bad pun) celebrating your savior’s resurrection or those thanking Yahweh for your people being spared a plague, this weekend is a big one for Christians and Jews alike.

Ham has secured its place as the go-to Easter dinner main course for many Christians, but Jews have been slow to adopt the pork shoulder as the Seder yin to ham’s Easter yang.  I would apologize for my people’s stubbornness, but we have a long tradition (as Jesus would attest) and our culinary preferences are antiquated.  Plus, when your holiday commemorates your first born being spared due to lamb blood being smeared on the door post, it’s hard not so celebrate that animal.

Because of the role of the lamb in the Passover story, Passover Seder is the one meal of the year where I can understand why someone might want to eat the barbecue mutton they are fond of in western Kentucky.  As for me, I’m sticking to the traditional chopped pork on matzoh.

In all seriousness, please accept my best wishes for the holiday weekend whatever your faith (or lack thereof).

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