True ‘Cue Update

Loyal readers may have noticed that my posts to this website have once again slowed to a crawl.  Rest assured I have been busy working on my new project, alongside my barbecue brother John Shelton Reed of Holy Smoke fame, which is called True ‘Cue.  More details soon, as we prepare to launch.  Until then, stay low and slow.

2 Responses

  1. […] more real barbecue in it.” This is the goal of author John Shelton Reed and barbecue blogger Dan Levine. Reed wrote Holy Smoke with his wife Dale, and in it he lamented the prevalence of gas-cooked […]

  2. […] on the blog.  For those who aren’t familiar with the Campaign, it was founded in 2013 by Dan Levine, and John Shelton Reed two distinguished North Carolinians steeped in barbecue, so to speak.  The […]

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